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Immigration/Refugee History and Culture Project - Schoeplein: Home

Immigration/Refugee History and Culture Project Overview

Each group will be responsible for researching, designing, and presenting a “LIVE museum exhibit” for their classmates on their assigned topic. What you will have to do includes the following:

  1. Research your topic.
  2. Present to your classmates a slideshow of your “exhibit” (6 – 8 minutes)
  3. Explain your research with an annotated bibliography
  4. Respectfully Experience a cultural element of your project.
  5. Reflect on your project.

Deadlines  (revised Wed. 2/28)

  • Friday, Feb. 16 - Project Introduced
  • Feb 16 – Mar. 11 - During this time, you should do your cultural experience (see instructions; approval needed before proceeding)
  • Week of February 26 - Project Work Days; submit approval for your cultural experience
  • Week of March 5 - Project Work Days
  • Sunday, March 11 - Last day to do the cultural experience
  • Week of March 12th - In-Class Presentations; on the day of your presentation, Ms. Schoeplein will need to receive the following:
    • Presentation slides
    • Presentation script
    • Your team’s annotated bibliography is due the day after your presentation.
  • Friday, March 16 - Project Reflection due