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Green Living: Buy Green

Resources to help you green your home and make better environmental decisions.


What Are Green Products?

Green products have these characteristics:

  • They aren't dangerous to the health of people or animals.
  • They don't damage the environment during manufacture, use, or disposal.
  • They don't consume a disproportionate amount of energy or other resources during manufacture, use, or disposal.
  • They don't cause unnecessary waste due to excessive packaging or a short useful life.
  • They don't involve the unnecessary use of or cruelty to animals.
  • They don't use materials derived from threatened species or environments.

The resources below provide general information about green products and conscious consumerism. For specific aspects of buying green, see the following pages:

Learn more about green products and conscious consumerism

Becoming A Conscious Consumer and Designer

Have you ever thought about what happens to your clothes when you donate them to charity? Or where your garbage goes once you're thrown it out? Explore practical applications of how to become a more savvy consumer and learn how to design a sustainable community through modern day examples right in your own backyard.