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Foreign Governments

Canadian Government

The University of Illinois is a Canadian depository. This guide explains more about depository information, Canadian government resources that connect to parliament, bills, and laws, and other library guides and resources that UIUC has to highlight additional information about Canada.

Government Resources

  • Government of Canada
    • Official website for the Canadian Government 
  • Canadian Parliament
    • Official website for parliament connecting to the Senate, House of Commons and additional resources to learn about parliament.
  • House of Commons
    •  House of Commons offical page which includes their reports and responses to legislation.
  • Senate
    • Senate pages about their reports and publications on legislation and special issues.
  • Supreme Court of Canada
    • In English and French, includes the cases, judges and other legal matters involving the Supreme Court. 
  • LEGISInfo
    • Search all Canadian House and Senate bills and learn what was involved in each bill.
  • Justice Laws
    • Consolidation of acts and regulations to search for current laws/regulations and links to resources for bills, regulations, reference documents, income tax law, and statutes.
  • Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII)
    • Database of Canadian case law
  • Library of Parliament
    • Includes information about the House, Senate, history of parliament, and legislation. 
  • Government of Canada Web Archive
    • Since 2005, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has collected federal and non-federal web resources in the context of its Web Archiving Program. This website, the Government of Canada Web Archive (GCWA), provides access to archived federal websites. 
  • Government of Canada Departments and Agencies
    • Provides links toc urrent Government of Canada departments, agencies, crown corporations and special operating agencies.
  • ParlInfo
    • History of the federal government of Canada from 1867 to today!

UIUC Resources for Canada


  • First Research This link opens in a new windohis opens a pop-up window to share the URL for this database
  • America: History and Life
    • Index of literature covering the history and culture of the United States and Canada, from prehistory to the present. The database indexes journals from 1964 to present and includes citations and links to book and media reviews.
  • American Indian Newspapers
    • Explore nearly 200 years of Indigenous print journalism from the US and Canada, from historic pressings to contemporary periodicals. With newspapers representing a huge variety in publisher, audience and era, discover how events were reported by and for Indigenous communities. 

Library Catalog

To search for Canadian documents in the Library Catalog be sure to enter Canada as the author.

Key Words

Try using these key words when beginning your research on Canada Combine them, change them and use them in different ways to find what you need.

  • Canada
  • Canadian Government 
  • First Nations
  • Constitutional Monarchy
  • Ottawa (Their capital)
  • Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver (major cities in Canada) 
  • Prime Minister
  • Parliamentary Democracy