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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Foreign Governments

General Information

This guide provides information related to foreign governments including Canada and the United Kingdom, as the University Library serves as a depository library for these countries. Information about Mexico and additional governments is also included. These resources explain how other governments work, contact information, and additional resources for research and understanding. 


Try these resources for foreign government information, or click on the tabs in the left column for more complete lists.

Collection Information

The University Library has been a Canadian depository library since 1927 and includes a substantial collection of materials from the government of Canada. In addition, large collections of government materials from the United Kingdom, Mexico, and other governments can be found in our collection.    

Strengths of the collection include:

United Kingdom

  • Parliamentary papers
    • Sessional papers
    • Command papers
    • House of Commons
    • House of Lords
    • Parliamentary debates


  • House of Commons
  • Senate
  • Parliament
  • Judiciary

All foreign government documents can be found in the Library Catalog:

  • Search by author: name of country. For example, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, etc. 
  • To find specific types of documents, use the Advanced Search and include the name of the country in the author field text box and keywords or titles in another text box.