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Garden, Landscape and Horticulture Index: Advanced Search

A guide to using the Garden, Landscape and Horticulture Index database.

Advanced Search

Image showing Garden, Landscape and Horticulture Index's advanced search box.Click image to enlarge

Garden, Landscape and Horticulture Index defaults to an advanced search. Advanced search provides three search boxes with an option to add more, as well as drop-down menus to limit the search fields.

Search Tips

  • When brainstorming keywords to search by, think of terms that are closely related to your topic, or terms you might use when discussing your topic with a colleague such as jargon, synonyms, and abbreviations.
  • "Search Options" allows you to limit your initial search by publication date, full-text results, scholarly (peer reviewed) journals, publication type, and more. 
  • Under "Search Options," set the "Search Mode" to Boolean/phrase, all search terms, some search terms, or SmartText searching. 
  • Use Boolean operators to limit, broaden, or eliminate terms from your search:
    • AND limits search results, finding articles with both terms
    • OR broadens results, finding articles with either term
    • NOT eliminates terms from the results, finding articles with one term but not the other
  • Use truncation and wildcards to broaden your search:
    • Add a question mark (?) to replace one character in a word
    • Add a pound symbol (#)  to search for a word with an alternate spelling of a single character
    • Add an asterisk (*) after the stem of a word to find all its other possible endings
  • Use quotation marks around words to search for an exact phrase.