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Indigenous Languages and Populations in "Latin" America: Quechua at CLACS

Resources at CLACS

Correo de Linguística Andina is an annual newsletter on Quechua instruction. It is published for people interested in learning more about the Quechua language and its pedagogy, and for professors of Native Latin American languages.

Readers benefit from the gathered resources, including Quechua bibliographies, Quechua specialists' profiles and contact information, Quechua study programs in the United States and beyond, poetry, and book reviews. This newsletter is mailed to individuals and libraries, and it is posted online for easy access.

Quecha at the Center for Latin American and the Caribbean Studies

¡Hamuychik runasimi yacharikuq!  -  Come learn Quechua!

The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) is one of a handful of universities in the world that offers all levels of Quechua instruction since 1976. Our in-class and online materials, used widely across the globe , have been created by our internationally-known Quechua instructor, Clodoaldo Soto, a Quechua native speaker, an author, and with over 25 years of teaching experience



Visit CLACS' page for more information about resources and activities for learning Qechua at the University of Illinois and through online materials