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Indigenous Languages and Populations in "Latin" America: Quechua

About Qechua

"Most spoken Amerindian language in the Americas: 8-12 million speakers. Spoken in the Andean region: mainly in Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador, but also in South East Colombia, North East Chile, North Argentina and in the Amazon region. Quechua was the official language of the Inca Empire".

Taken from the Center for Latin American and the Caribbean Studies' page en  Quechua

Resources about Quechua Language and Populations


Additional Quechua dictionaries at the Library are available here

Note: Most dictionaries are Quechua-Spanish. Some include translation to English, and some are dictionaries to other indigenous dialects

Manuals and Textbooks


Additional manuals and resources about teaching Quechua available here

Grammar - Linguistics

Quechua language has many variations. Besides the multiplicity of local dialects, currently some variations have been grouped by country or region:


Cochabamba -Bolivia


Additional resources on Quechua grammar and linguistics are available at the University Library. A sample of resources can be found here.

Fables,Tales, Poetry

Additional resources on Quechua poetry , and literature in general are available at the library catalog

Folk Songs

Additional information about songs in Quechua language and from Quechua-speaking communitites is avaliable here.

History, Ethnic Identity and Politics

Additional Information on resources about social-historical dimensions of Quechua  and ethnic identity of Quechua- speaking communities are available at the library.

The Library collection includes resources specialized in the different regions where Quechua is spoken:





Additional information and resources about women in Quechua-speaking societies, available here.


Additional resources on traditional medicine and rituals in Quecha speaking communities and the Andes region in general are also available at the Library