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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Dalits: Movies/Music

This is a resource guide about Dalits, the untouchable caste within Hinduism.

University Library Collection

The library collection has Bollywood films, independent films, and documentaries. We also have some music, however, this is difficult to discover since many Dalits do not disclose their caste background in order to win acclaim in the Bollywood film/music industry. Here are selected documentaries, fictional movies, and music within our collection.



YouTube Video: Trailer of Court (2015).


Many political Dalit music performances are a street phenomenon and not formally recorded. Additionally, famous Dalit musicians including Sonu Nigam and Kailash Kher have hidden their caste origin in order to receive acclaim in the Bollywood film/music industry. In this section, you will find some music online and music in our collection by and/or about Dalits. Additionally, here is an article about the politics of sound in the Dalit struggle.

Article: Jai Bhim Comrade and the Politics of Sound in Urban Indian Visual Culture

Music Resources Online:


Music Resources in our Collection


Matzner, D. (2014). Jai Bhim Comrade and the Politics of Sound in Urban Indian Visual Culture. Visual Anthropology Review, 30(2), 127-138. doi:10.1111/var.12043