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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Dalits: Autobiographies

This is a resource guide about Dalits, the untouchable caste within Hinduism.

University Library Collection

The autobiography is a personal account of one's own life. Several Dalits have written autobiographies detailing their life struggles. This is a true testament to raising one's own voice through the written word. The library collection of Dalit autobiographies consists of 22 titles. Most of these are in English or Marathi (language native to the Indian state Maharashtra). Shashi Bhushan Upadhyay discusses the importance of Dalit autobiographies in "Meaning of Work in Dalit Autobiographies".


South Asian Vernacular


Upadhyay, S. B. (2010). Meaning of work in dalit autobiographies. Studies in History, 26(1), 31-60. doi:10.1177/025764301002600102