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American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (ACVB) - About

This guide contains the list of books and journals recommended as study materials for the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (ACVB) examination.

Residents are responsible for ensuring they are using the correct edition of a book for their exam.

Please ask your librarian, mentor, or specialty board examination committee if questions arise.

"The ACVB has developed the Suggested Reading List  for individuals applying for membership to serve as a general reading list of behavioral information. Suggested readings are indicated by an asterisk (*). The intent of this more specific list is to help guide Candidates towards the more pertinent books that will assist them in preparing for the examination. This list is not intended to suggest that the Candidate should read every book on ethology or every book on learning theory, but rather to demonstrate the breadth and scope of veterinary behavior. Neither list should be construed as a commitment regarding specific examination material. For the purposes of studying for the ACVB examination, it is suggested that a Candidate review texts pertaining to general principles of behavior as well as species specific material, then use other books to fill in clinical information. Current texts in the fields of internal medicine, neurology (Lorenz or Chrisman et al), and neuroscience (Bear et al or Kandel et al) should also be reviewed with emphasis on veterinary behavior. More timely material, available in periodicals listed below, should be consulted as well. Refer to the general reading list for additional references."

Source: Section IV of the ACVB Applicant Packet

This resource updated: 8/3/2014

Source reading list reviewed: 6/20/2014

Source reading list updated by specialty board: 4/1/2014