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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Database Training

Graduate Assistant Orientation: Introduction to Database Searching

Group Activity (7 Minutes)


  • You will be assigned to a group and scenario.
  • Select recorder/speaker. 
  • Testing out the recommendations on the "Starting Databases" tab, determine:
    • Which database(s) would be best for your scenario? 
    • What questions might you need to ask the patron for more clarity?
  • Report back to group.


  1. I need some articles about stem cell research from scholarly journals. I want them to talk about ethical issues.
  2. I’m looking for magazine articles about if video games cause violent behavior in children.
  3. I need information about how advertisements impact body image in teenage girls.
  4. I need help finding scholarly sources for my paper. I am researching immigration detention policy in the U.S. and its effects on children. 
  5. I need some information for my Psych class. I’m looking at depression and I’m supposed to get a case study. I’d like to focus on women only if that’s possible.
  6. I need sources for my paper. My research question is: What can be done to stem sexual assault in the military?
  7. I need some peer reviewed articles about how young people tend to vote in presidential elections. 
  8. I need articles on critical race theory.