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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

ESL Undergraduate Student Guide

A guide to support international students in ESL 112 and 115 and beyond.

How to Complete a Concept Map: In Class Video

Watch this video for step-by-step directions for completing your Concept Map.

If the video is not opening, this may be a browser issue associated with Flash. Try viewing in Firefox. 

You can follow the instructions  and view the sample Concept Map below.

How to Use a Concept Map:Overview

How to Complete a Concept Map

PRIOR to the class in the Undergraduate Library, complete the following steps: 

Click on the ​ESL Concept Map ​link below to download a copy of the Concept Map.

NOTE: ​You MUST download and complete this in Word.

Step 1: Write the topic for your paper in the box at the top of the Concept Map.

Underline the keywords or keyword phrases for your topic. These are the main ideas for your topic and they can be single words or phrases. They are usually nouns.

Step 2: Write your keywords in the three boxes in the middle of the page, putting each word in a separate box.

For each of your keywords, add some alternative keywords in the box. The alternative keywords will be synonyms, or other words that may be used to describe aspects of your topic.

  • You may wish to use a thesaurus to find ideas for other keywords

DURING the Undergraduate Library class complete the following:

Step 3: ​This step will be completed in class.

Download a Concept Map