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The Transformation of the Middle East, 1566-1914 (HIST 335): Home

A LibGuide for Professor Cuno's HIST 335 course on the Ottoman Empire and Middle East.


Coverage: This course surveys “the central Middle East” – Egypt, the Fertile Crescent, Arabia, Turkey, and Iran – during the three and a half centuries before the First World War. More than half of the course is devoted to the 19th century and the transformative encounter with modern Europe (“the West”), an encounter that continues to this day. 

Grade Distribution:

●5% attendance & participation

15 hours unexcused absence = F grade

●5% two reviews of non-class events on the Middle East or Islam

1 pg paper due by noon on or before Oct.15 and Dec.10

●10% map quiz & weekly microthemes

Map Quiz is Fri. Sept. 12 (see last page of syllabus)

●20% midterm essay exam

Assigned Wed. Oct 8; due Wed. Oct. 15

●25% term paper

Due Mon. Nov. 17

●35% final essay exam

In our classroom, Mon., Dec. 15, 8-11 a.m.

Lecture Topics:

  • Introduction to the Middle East and Islam
  • Decline vs. transformation: the Ottoman Empire, 16th-18th c.
  • The Reform Era, late 18th through 19th c.
  • The advance of European domination
  • Colonial modernity

Required Readings


Publications by Professor Cuno

Articles by Dr. Kenneth Cuno