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Banned Books - Rodems: Research Guide


Uni Library Reference Books

R 363.3109 B332L 2006 Banned Books
Volume 1: Literature Suppressed on Political Grounds
Volume 2: Literature Suppressed on Religious Grounds
Volume 3: Literature Suppressed on Sexual Grounds
Volume 4: Literature Suppressed on Social Grounds

Each volume in this series is organized alphabetically by title of the book banned. Check the index for author names, book titles, or places where banning occurs (states, cities, libraries).

If you find information about a book being challenged in here, but are struggling to find further information, your next step should be the newspaper databases.


To access these e-books from home, you will need your Net-ID and Net-ID password.

Each chapter is dedicated to an author, subdivided into the books that have been challenged by that author. First, click on View this eBook. Use the Contents tab in the left toolbar to jump to a particular section. Use the Next and Previous buttons at the top of the page to flip the e-book page.

Want to read the reviews mentioned for each book? Search for the named newspaper in the A-Z List or in Lexis Nexis (in the Web Resources section of this page).

This handbook gives a profile of each book that includes its plot and characters; related materials and published reviews; awards and prizes; and Web and audiovisual resources.


Online Newspapers

If you want to try to find out why a book was challenged, search newspapers for the title of your book and "banned" or "challenged" to find specific cases. Example: "gossip girl" and (banned or challenged)

To narrow your results, add words like "school" (since that's where many challenges are made) or "parents."

For the first two databases, select newspapers that are local in addition to major U.S. papers, as cases like these tend to make the small newspapers as well.

Literature Databases

Citation Help

Check out the Uni High Library Bibliography Help LibGuide for information on how to create proper MLA citations.