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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

World War I in the University Archives: Searching the Archives


The University Archives has a separate database from the Library Catalog.  If you have never conducted Archival Research, please read Using the University Archives for my Research Paper. Meanwhile, keep in mind:

  • The archives changes over time.  Avoid frustrating searches by realizing this means archival organization changes over time as well. 
  • Plan your search. Do you want to search by University department?  Do you have potential subject headings?  Have a tactic in mind.
  • Try preliminary searches.  Be creative in your search.  Try different language derivations on your topic.
  • Identify the location.  Make note of the building location of the files. Do you need to plan a trip to the Archives Research Center?
  • When all else fails - ask an archivist!  We have excellent people who understand the archives' complexity and are willing to help. 

Searching Archon