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A Student Researcher's Guide to Google Searching: References Page

Google Searching Books

References and Resources

Power Searching with Google - Power Searching was a course given by Google to help users improve their search skills. Click on the links near the bottom of the page to view the lessons, or click on the Google Search Education link to be taken to another page with search tutorials and advice.

John Tedesco's Blog - A blog of an investigative reporter for the San Antonio Express-News. Tedesco often uses Google to answer journalism-related questions.

List of Google Products - Google seems to have a product for everything. If you've ever wanted a list of Google's services and products, this Wikipedia page is a good place to start.

Powerpoint Presentation for "Who Cares" Search Strategy - Powerpoint presentation by Janet Eke, a faculty member in UIUC's Graduate School of Library and Information Science. These slides deal with web searching and introduce the "Who Cares?" search strategy.

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