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A Student Researcher's Guide to Google Searching: Useful Google Tools

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a search engine for scholarly material. It indexes and allows full-text access to articles, and should be somewhere you check if you're having trouble finding an article. You can also set preferences in Google Scholar that will link your search to a library of your choice.

With this said, an enormous amount of information simply cannot be found using Google. The information on the invisible web -- or the parts of the web that Google's search crawlers cannot access -- is best accessed through the University's resources on the Library homepage.

If you would like to know more about Google Scholar, this Libguide and this handout contain a good amount of useful information.

Google's "More" Menu

The "More" box on a Google search results page contains many useful search options, a few of which are explored below. The items that appear in this box will change depending on your search.

Google News Archive Search

Search archived news from over 50,000 sources. Includes a customization option that lets you personalize what kind of news you want and which sources you want your news from. Click here for a Youtube tutorial.

Google Patent Search

Enter a pattentable object or idea and Google will find the patent and its information for that item, complete with a diagram.

Google Blog Search

Like the regular Google search, Google Blog Search is used to find information within blogs. Results can be limited to a specific time range to obtain the most recent information.

Google Tools to Change the Way You Do Research

Google Public Data Explorer

Search for public data, including statistics and projections, from over ninety international institutions. The data can be displayed in several different formats including line graphs, bar graphs, and maps. Public Data Explorer can be a quick and easy way to locate and visualize data.


Google Books

Use Google Books to access data on millions of books, some of which can viewed in full text. Use the "Search in this book" feature to quickly search an entire book for a word or phrase. Google Books can also be a handy way of finding citation information for a book or article in a collection. Google Books has an Advanced Book Search that is similar to Google's regular Advanced Search feature.

Google Fusion Tables

Google Fusion Tables is a new, experimental tool for creating data mashups. While Fusion Tables is a bit more complicated than other tools, it is a powerful application for displaying and visualizing data. As with Public Data Explorer, you are able to choose how your data is displayed after it is uploaded -- i.e. on a map or in a chart.

Google Art Project

This tool combines Google's street view technology with data from actual museum exhibitions and high-resolution photographs of famous works of art. While nothing replaces the resources you can find at UIUC's Ricker Library, Google Art Project is an excellent resource if you want to zoom in very closely to view details of a painting or are trying to quickly get a sense of an artist's works.

Google Image Searching

Search by Image

This feature allows you to conduct a Google search with an image. Watch the video below to learn more about images on the web and your own photos.

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