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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Digital Collections at the University of Illinois

The University of Illinois has digitized a variety of important collections and made them available online. This guide is a topical overview of the highlights.

About this Guide

The University of Illinois has been involved in digitizing many important parts of its holdings, from large scale initiatives like the Google Books Project to specialized resources such as the Carl Sandburg papers, aerial photographs of Illinois counties, and French World War I posters. 

This guide is meant to give a sense of the range of these digital collections and to make it easier to discover ones that interest you. Below is a brief description of the different places on the library website where you can find these collections. The tabs at the top of this guide organize the individual collections by topic.

Many digitized images can be searched by accessing the Library's image search page, with the option of searching within specific collections.

Sketch of FlowersIllio Student PhotographBuilding in Chicago

Sources for Digitized Materials from the Library