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Latin American & Caribbean Libraries: Books

A guide to doing research on Latin American libraries

Finding books by subject

Finding books on a topic is easy with subject searching. Use the Catalog. In the Search For box, type a suggested subject headings and choose the Subject option. Subject searches use Library of Congress subject headings and thus are always in English. For related subject terms, scroll through the list of results; by doing a keyword search in the Catalog using terms relating to your topic you can find a result that fit your research and consult the subject headings.

Another good way to find relevant subject headings is by searching the Library of Congress Authorities for a term or phrase which is pertains to your research interest.

Examples of Library of Congress Subject Headings which pertain to libraries in Latin America:

Libraries -- Latin America

Libraries -- Latin America -- Bibliography

Libraries -- Latin America -- History

Libraries -- Latin America -- Directories.

Libraries -- South America -- Directories.

Libraries -- Central America -- Directories.

Bibliotecas -- América Latina -- Directorios.

Libraries -- Caribbean Area -- Directories

Libraries -- Caribbean Area -- Societies, etc. -- Periodicals

Libraries -- Caribbean Area -- Statistics

Learned institutions and societies -- Directories

Universities and colleges -- Directories

Education, higher -- Directories