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Latin American & Caribbean Libraries: Articles

A guide to doing research on Latin American libraries

Online Journal Portals

Americanismo--Spanish journals on Latin American topics - a good source if you know word(s) from the title or the author's name.

Biblioteca Digital del Patrimonio Iberoamericano- Launched by the Asociacion de Bibliotecas Nacionales de Iberoamerica (ABINIA) to disseminate the bibliographic materials of each library that participates. 

CSIC Scholarly and scientific journals from Spain - integrated catalog allows searching multiple institutions at a time, which users can select or deselect as desired.  This database may be most useful for historical resources (about libraries in Latin America)

El Colegio de Mexico: Revistas - returns various results which may be useful, but searching may be tricky since the database does not return variations of words (ie., if you search por tema for "biblioteca" the database will not retrieve results which use the term "bibliotecas" and vice versa).

Electronic Journals Library - a wealth of online journals including those on Information science and librarianship, Study of (ancient and medieval) manuscripts

Linking the Americas - full-text access to various 20th century literary journals

Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library - 0ffers electronic journals, mostly in literature and culture.

Portal de Portales Latindex -- Full-text access to academic journals from Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal

Portal de Revistas Electrónicas from the Complutense University in Madrid --gives full-text free access to electronic versions of all the scholarly journals edited by the University

Portal del Hispanismo --or new issues of journals related to the field of Latin American studies. Site is currently under construction.

RedALyc: La Red de Revistas Científicas de Américan Latina y el Caribe, España y Portugal --Free access to an online collection of over 400 Spanish language ejournals which cover a variety of topics regarding libraries and librarianship in Latin America.

Scielo: Scientific Electronic Library Online search the integrated catalog, you can search all of the Latin American catalogs in the regional option, or filter by country.

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ): The DOAJ provides access to over 2,500 scientific and scholarly journals. The DOAJ covers free, full-text, peer-reviewed journals from many disciplines and in many different languages

Latin American and Caribbean Databases

The databases listed on this page can be searched using English or Spanish terms.  Often a subject search for "library," "libraries," "biblioteca," or "bibliotecas" return numberous relevant results to the topic of the history of libraries, current library issues, and library culture in Latin America.  Articles mentioning specific libraries in the Hispanic world require more specific search terms.

More databases

These open access data portals can provide a good starting point for research about Latin American and Caribbean libraries, by searching for the term "library," "libraries," "biblioteca," or "bibliotecas," a plethora of resuts are returned about libraries in the region, on their history as well as current topics.  Searching in the databases for keywords, subject words, or title words is possible in English and Spanish.  (Center for Research Libraries - the catalog search option is on the right-hand side of the main page) (Open Archives Initiative integrates collections from around the world into one catalog) (Latin American Open Archives Portal, or LAOAP, is a project of the Latin Americanist Research Resources Project - LARRP, in collaboration with the Latin American Network Information Center - LANIC, to improve access to social sciences grey literature produced in Latin America.)