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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

How to Type in Other Languages: Indic Languages

A guide to installing and typing in common non-Latin character scripts on home computers.

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Typing Indian languages on most modern computers uses the InScript keyboard, developed and standarized by the Indian government for typing Bramic scripts. InScript keyboard layout is included on most computer systems. While you are learning the layout it may be helpful to buy pre-cut stickers for your keyboard so you can look down while you type. 

InScript Keyboard

Picture of InScript Keyboard


  • Quillpad: quickly type in Indic scripts with no installation or InScript keyboard layout needed, just select the language, type Romanized and the system will turn it into the proper script!
  • Virtual Devanagari Inscript Keyboard: type on an InScript keyboard when you're not at a computer with it installed
  • Hindi Typing Tutor