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How to Type in Other Languages: Home

A guide to installing and typing in common non-Latin character scripts on home computers.

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One of the most frustrating parts of moving to the intermediate or advanced level of a language that uses non-Latin script can be learning to use that language on the computer.

In order to type characters that aren't on the keyboard, such as characters used in Asian, Indic and other languages, the computer uses something called an Input Method Editor (IME). Read more about IMEs. Most operating systems have at least one type of IME for each major world language built in, but they need to be individually installed for the typist to use them. However, some IMEs can have a steep learning curve. This guide will help you both install and learn to use IMEs for different world languages.

The languages included in this guide are ones most commonly taught on this campus. If you need help figuring out how to use a language on your computer that is not covered, please contact the International and Area Studies Library, we'd love to help!


We have created IME installation guides for the three most popular operating systems: 

Multilingual Computing on Campus

The public computers at the IAS Library have these languages and many more installed on them. If you are on campus and don't have your computer with you, but need to type in a different language, you can do that at the IAS!

If there is a language that you would like to see installed on the IAS public computers that isn't there, please let us know.