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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Rain Gardens: Organizations and Programs

This guide contains various resources about rain gardens. A rain garden is a planted depression that allows rain water runoff to slowly soak into the ground instead of storm drains and surface waters.

American Society of Landscape Architecture

Illinois Extension Programs

U of I Extension offers educational programs related to healthy society, food safety, environmental stewardship, sustainable and profitable food production, and enhancing family and community well-being.

Student Sustainability Committee

The Student Sustainability Committee is a group of 12 students dedicated to improving sustainability at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The committee offers funding for campus projects that meet the committees funding criteria, with the goal of making a positive and lasting impact toward campus sustainability. See its past funded projects here.

Prarie Rivers Network

Prairie Rivers Network is a non-profit organization which aims at protecting and restoring rivers, returning healthy soils and diversing wildlife to the lands, and transforming how we care for the earth and for each other. For more information, look at their works and projects

Rain Garden APP

Rain Garden App

"Rain Garden" is FREE app designed to help you properly install a rain garden at your home, office, or job site. Through video tutorials, diagrams, text, and tools, the App guides you through determining the size and placement of your garden, selecting plants, digging and planting your garden, and maintaining your garden. It also includes tools for determining your soil type, measuring the size of the area that will drain to your garden, and managing multiple rain garden projects.