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Ricker Collections: Architecture Journals: Complete List of Architecture Journals

A Guide to Professional/Trade Architecture Journals, Academic Architecture Journals, and Important/Significant/Relevant Ceased Architecture Publications

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The journals and periodicals listed here are physically located within Ricker Library's non-circulating collection and can be found in the reference room. Online accessibility is noted where available. See "E-Accessible Journals and Databases" for online resources. 

Title Call Number Online Accessibility
AA Book: Projects Review  Q.720.71 P9431a

AA Files: annals of the Architectural Association School of Architecture

Q.720.5 AAF Online access available
A + U (Architecture + Urbanism) = Kenchiku to toshi Q.720.5 KET 

AD (Architectural Design) 

Q.720.5 ARCD Online access available
A + D (Architecture + Design) 720.95405 AR

AIT: Architektur, Innenarchitektur, Technischer Ausbau

Note: See also Intelligente Architektur (AIT Supplement) 

Q.747.05 AI
AMC (Moniteur Architecture) Q.724.9105 AM

APT Bulletin 

Q.720.905 AS Online access available 
AV Monographs Q. 720.946 Av2
Albertiana 720.945AL1 AL
American Bungalow Q.728.37305 AM

Annali di Architettura

Q. 720.945 An72 Online access available

L'Arca International

Note: Title change, continues L'Arca

Q.724.05 AR1


Note: Continues Architecture with mid-October 2006

Q.720.5 AMJA1A Online access available
Architect's Journal Q.720.5 ARB
The Architect's Newspaper Q.720.9747105 AR


720.905 AR Online access available

Architectural Digest

Q.729.05 AR Online access available

Architectural History

720.5 Archs Online access available

Architectural Lighting

Q.729.2805 Ar Online access available 

Architectural Record

Q.720.5 ARC Online access available 

ARQ: Architectural Research Quarterly

Q.720.5 ARQY Online access only

Architectural Review

Q.720.5 ARRE Online access available

Architectural Science Review

Q.720.5 ARS Online access available

Architectural Theory Review

720.1005 AR Online access only

Architecture: The AIA Journal

Note: Continued by Architect with mid-October 2006

Q.720.5 AMJA1 Online access available

Architecture and Culture

Online access only Online access only

Architecture Australia

Q.720.99405 AR Online access available 
Architecture d'Aujourd'hui Q.720.5 ARDA
Architecture Intérieure-CRÉÉ Q.747.05 AR
Architecture Minnesota Q.720.5 ARTM
Architecture New Zealand Q.720.99305 AR
D'Architectures Q.720.5 DAR

Architectuur NL

Note: Continues Bouw with Sept. 2006

Q.720.5 BOU1
Archithese Q.720.5 ARZ
Archplus (Arch +) Q.720.5 ARCPL

ARK Arkkitehti Arkitekten = Finnish Architecture Review

See also Arkkitehtuurikilpailuja: ARK 

Q.720.5 ARK1
Arkkitehtuurikilpailuja: ARK  Q.720.5 Arksup Online access available
Arkitektur (Swedish Review) Q.720.5 ARKIT Online Access Available

Arkitektur N: Byggekunst landskap interior

Note: Continues Byggekunst with 2007, no. 4)

Q.720.5 BYGG1
Arris Q.720 AR69 Online Access Available

Der Baumeister

Q.720.5 BA Online access available
Blueprint Q.720.94105 BL
Bouw Q.720.5 BOU
Building Q.720.5 BR Online access available

Building and Environment

Q.690.5 BUS Online access available 

Building Design and Construction

Q.693.05 MA Online access available
Byggekunst Q.720.5 Bygg Online Access Available

Canadian Architect

Q.720.5 CAN Online access available

Le Carré Bleu

720.5 CAR
Casabella Q.720.5 Cas Online Access Available
Casemate Q.623.109 C266
Centropa 720.94305 CE
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society Journal 720.941 M217N1 Online Access Available
Cite: Rice Design Alliance Q.724.05 Ci

Clem Labine's Traditional Building 

Note: also called Traditional Building

Q.690.2405 CL

Construction History 

690.0941 C766 Online access available

El Croquis

Q.720.94605 CR

Daidalos: Berlin architectural journal

Q.720.5 DA Online access available
Design Cost & Data Q.720.5 ARDC1
Detail Q.720.5 DET
Detail (English edition) Q.720.5 DETE Online access available
Deutsche Bauzeitschrift Q.690.5 DE
Domus Q.720.5 DOM  Online Access Available
Dwell 728.05 DW


Q.620.5 EN1 Online access available

Fabrications: The Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand

720 F114 Online access available
Fine Homebuilding Q.690.83705 Fi
Fine Woodworking Q.684.05 FI
Fort: International Journal of Fortification and Military Architecture Q.725.1809 F776

Forum Journal: Journal of the National Trust for Historic Preservation

720.973 P9261a Online access available
Frank Lloyd Wright Quarterly Q. 720.97305 FR

Future Anterior

363.6905 FU Online access available
Future Arquitecturas Q.720.79 F989

GA Document

Q.724.91 G51

GA: Global Architecture

Q.724.9 G51

GA Houses

Q.724.9 G5122
GA Japan Q.724.6095205 GA

Grey Room

720.1 G869 Online access available 
Griffin Newsletter Q.720.97305 GR
Harvard Design Magazine Q.720.5 HAD

Historic Preservation (N.T.H.P.)

Note: Continued by Preservation in 1996

917.305 HIS

Housing, Theory and Society

307.1205 SC1 Online access only

Intelligente Architektur

Note: Supplement to AIT

Q. 747.05 AIsup
Interior Design Q.747.05 INT
International Association for Shell & Spatial Structures Bulletin 624.905 IN1

International Journal of Islamic Architecture

E-access only Online access only


Note: Continues Japan Architect with 1991

Q.720.5 Si1

Japan Architect

Note: Continued by J.A. in 1991

Q. 720.5 Si

Journal of Architecture

Q. 720.5 JOUR Online access available
Journal of Architectural Conservation 720.2880941 J826 Online Access Available

Journal of Architectural Education

720.7 As78j Online access available

Journal of Architectural & Planning Research

711.1305 Jo Online access available

Journal of Environmental Psychology

155.905 Jo Online access only

Journal of Green Building

720.4705 Jo Online access only

Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians

720.5 AMS Online access available
Journal of Taliesin Fellows 720.5 Jou 
Lotus International Q.720L7811
Metropolis Q.709.7471 M567 Online Access Available

Modern Steel Construction

Q.693.705 Mo Online access available
Newsletter of the Society of Architectural Historians Q.720.905 SO

Newsletter of the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain

Q.720.604105 NE Online access available
Old House Journal
Q.643.705 OL

Open House International -

Q.728.0 5OP Online access available
Palladio Q.720.5 PA


Q.720.5 PER Online access available 
Plan Q.720.105 Plan


724.05 PRA

Preservation: The Magazine of the National Trust for Historic Preservation

NoteContinues Historic Preservation

917.305 His1

Professional Builder

Q.690.5 PR1A  
Quaderns d'arquitectura i urbanisme Q.720.5 Cu1A

Revue Urbanisme

Note: Continues Urbanisme with 2002

Q.710.105 Urr1B
Revue Urbanisme: Hors Serie Q.710.105 URR1Bsup

Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Journal

Q.720.6 Ri1a Online access available

Senses and Society

152.105 SE Online access available

Space and Culture

304.2 Sp  Online access available

Style 1900

NoteContinues Arts and Crafts Quarterly Magazine

Q.745.05 ST  

TA: Techniques et Architecture

Q.720.5 TECE
TAD (Technology | Architecture + Design) 690.05 TA Online Access Available
Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review 307.05 Tr Online Access Available

Xia intelligente Architektur

Note: Supplement to AIT

Q.747.05 Alsup

Werk, Bauen + Wohnen

Q.720.5 WER Online access available 

World Architecture

Note: publication ceased 2003

Q.724.05 Wo