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Turkish Language: Popular Literature and Newspapers

Turkish Authors

The Turkish Cultural Foundation website provides a great resource where students can get biographical information on Turkish authors and walk away with a nice reading list for each author. 

Poetry Collection

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI): provides a webpage dedicated to Turkish poetry.This site is created and maintained by contributors from all around the world speaking many different languages. It offers Turkish Poetry in English Translation or in the original Turkish, a long with in depth descriptions of Turkish authors. 

The Turkish Cultural Foundation offers brief articles on Turkish poetry covering topics such as 17th century folk poet Karacaoglan, Turkish cupid poetry, Fuzuli with examples of his work in English and Azeri Turkish, Nazim Hikmet, and Hatayi (Shah Ismail I).

When searching Library of Congress, this set of Subject Headings and terms will be useful in finding Turkish Poetry.

Turkish Literature

The National Library of Turkey offers access to books, periodicals, manuscripts, and more.  

The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism offers a free searchable database of Turkish manuscripts, a long with information about the different periods of manuscripts throughout Turkish History, followed by a listing of physical manuscript holdings throughout Turkey.

The Turkish Cultural Foundation provides a wonderful resource for Turkish language literature. It provides a broad overview of Turkish literature, Turkey's literary legacy in world literature, Turkish folk literature, folk knowledge, pre-Islamic literature, Seljuk-Ottoman literature, poetry, narrative, minstrels, humor, and proverbs.

UIUC International Area Studies Library offers access to the Turkish National Bibliography, as well as a reference guide to Turkish Bibliographies of Manuscripts.

The University of Michigan Turkish Studies page offers access to some of the most popular poetry and stories of in Modern Turkish.

BiblioPera is a collaboration between 9 different research institutions: Istanbul Research Institute, Koç University Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations, SALT Research, Deutsches Archäologisches Institut-Istanbul, Netherlands Institute in Turkey, Institut Français d’Études Anatoliennes, Orient-Institut Istanbul, Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul, and The Consulate General of Greece - Sismanoglio Megaro. This project encourages research in archeology and social science research and serves as a fantastic source for searching materials written about Turkish literature. 

The Online Bibliography of Ottoman-Turkish Literature is a free service which offers access to a database of references to books, articles, papers, and projects related to Ottoman and Turkish Literature. 

The Center for Islam Studies (ISAM) in Istanbul offers a searchable Turkish database of articles on Turkish historym,literature, culture, and art.

Newspapers, Periodicals, and Journals

The International Area Studies Library at UIUC has compiled a Turkish Bibliographies of Periodicals and Articles

Hakki Tarik Us Collection offers access to a digital archive of Ottoman periodicals. The collection also consists of valuable books, journals, yearbooks, almanacs, and more. 

History of Serial Novels in Turkish Literature offers a close examination of over 150 newspapers and magazines published in an Arabic Alphabet in Turkey between 1831-1928.

Ankara Üniversitesi Gazeteler Veritaban─▒ provides access to digitized Turkish periodicals dating back to the late 1800's.

TDK offers a searchable database of its published periodicals on the Turkish language and Turkology.

The National Library of Turkey offers a digitized collection of periodicals and newspapers. 

Cornell University has published a LibGuide that provides more periodical and journal sources for the Turkish and Ottoman Studies.