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Farm, Field and Fireside: Serialized Fiction

A subject guide on the history of serialized fiction published in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century periodicals.


women's table







llustration from:
Blair, Gladys.
"The Prairie Woman."
Prairie Farmer CXIII.1 (January 11, 1941): p. 160


This guide is a supplement to the Farm, Field, and Fireside Research Guide. It includes more information on the serialized fiction that was published in the weekly newspapers and monthly periodicals in the Farm, Field, and Fireside collection. The purpose of this guide is to highlight some of the "unexpected" content in these farm publications and demonstrate their value for scholars of literature, the history of education, environmental history, and American social and cultural history. The resources listed in this guide will help you contextualize what you see in Farm, Field, and Fireside

Many of the newspapers in Farm, Field and Fireside published serialized fiction written by renowned authors as well as lesser known writers and even some long-time readers.  The value of this publishing model enabled literature to be disseminated to rural communities and expand the bounds of American literary culture across geographic and socioeconomic lines.