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Vernacular Language Resources for East European and Eurasian Research: National Bibliographies

Library Portals

These sources will provide easy access to the national libraries of the region and often their bibliographic sources as well.

National Bibliographies


The national bibliographic history for the countries of the Slavic world is complex to say the least.  It is often the case now that the National Library Catalogs act as access points for the national bibliography since they are the depositories of the countries publishing output.  Certainly they are a more convenient source for the scholar who wants to get an overall view of the publishing on a particular topic. The difficulty is that they lack retrospective depth and only reflect the countries publications for the last twenty to thirty years. 

Scanned card catalogs at many of the national libraries are helping to fill the gap.  Unfortunately, few are truly searchable and fall more into the category of browsable resources.  Nevertheless, they are enormously valuable when beginning research on  a topic or planning a research trip.

In some cases, such as Hungary for example, there are other avenues online.  The Hungarians have a real wealth of online resources for national bibliography.  The links on the table below will lead to detailed descriptions of the bibliographic sources, print and electronic for each of the countries listed.  Not all countries for the region are listed. 


National Bibliographies
Albania Belarus Bulgaria Bosnia/ Hercegovina Croatia
Czech and Slovak Republics


Hungary Kazakh Kyrgyz
Latvia Macedonia Montenegro Poland Romania
Russia and Former Soviet Union Serbia Slovenia Ukraine Uzbek




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