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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Chicago Foreign Language Press Survey

Guide to using the microfilm and digital versions of the Chicago Foreign Language Press Survey, a collection consisting of a file of 120,000 typewritten pages translated from newspapers of 22 different foreign language communities in Chicago.

How to use the outline

In this resource, the editors decided on one place where on an outline a particular excerpt of text belonged.  It may be useful for you to look over the entire outline to get a sense of your larger options.  A topic may be in a place that you did not expect it to.  If you wanted to find out about attitudes of the Germans towards other groups, you might try I) C) -- but if it happened during an election it might be in I) F) 6).

I. Attitudes

I. Attitudes
A. Education
1. Secular
a. Elementary and Higher (High School and College)
b. Foreign Languages
c. Taxation for Public Schools
d. Special Endowments
2. Parochial
a. Elementary and Higher (High School and College)
b. Foreign Languages
c. Contributions
d. Special Endowments
B. Mores
1. Temperance
2. Blue Laws
3. Family Organizations
a. Marriage
b. Parent-Child Relationship
c. Family Economic Organization
4. Religious Customs and Practices
C. Own and Other National or Language Groups
D. Economic Organization
1. Capitalistic Enterprise
a. Big Business
b. Small Business
2. Labor Organization and Activities
a. Unions
(1) Company
(2) Craft
(3) Industrial
(4) Strikes
b. Cooperatives
c. Unemployment
E. Social Organization
F. Politics
1. Voting as Blocs
2. Part played by Social and Political Societies
3. Programs and Purposes
4. Extent of Influence
5. Political Leadership
6. Graft and Corruption
G. War
H. Social Problems and Social Legislation
J. Interpretation of American History
K. Position of Women and Feminism
L. Agriculture in the United States
M. Health and Sanitation


II. Contributions and Activities

A. Vocational
1. Professional
2. Industrial and Commercial
3. Aesthetic
a. Arts and Handicrafts
b. Music
c. Painting and Sculpture
d. Theatrical
(1) Drama
(2) Dancing
B. Avocational and Intellectual
1. Aesthetic
a. Music
b. Painting and Sculpture
c. Theatrical
(1) Drama
(2) Dancing
(3) Festivals, Pageants, Fairs, and Expositions
d. Literary Societies
e. Literature
2. Intellectual
a. Libraries
b. Museums
c. Scientific and Historical
d. Publications
(1) Newspapers
(2) Periodicals
(3) Books
e. Radio Programs and Cinema
f. Special Schools and Classes
g. Forums, Discussion Groups and Lectures
3. Athletics and Sports
C. Permanent Memorials
D. Benevolent and Protective I nstitutions
1. Benevolent Societies
2. Insurance Companies
3. Hospitals, Clinics and Medical AId
4. Orphanages and Creches
5. Homes for the Aged
6. Settlement Houses and Community Centers
7. Organizations for Legal Assistance
8. Employment Agencies
9. Extra-Legal Organizations
10. Foreign and Domestic Relief
E. Crime and Delinquency
1. Organized Crime
2. Individual Crime
3. Crime Prevention
F. Real Estate Transfers and Building Activities

III. Assimilation

A. Segregation
B. Nationalistic Societies and Influences
1. Effect upon United States Government and State Policies
2. Activities of Nationalistic Societies
3. Commemoration of Holidays
a. National
b. Religious
4. Conventions and Conferences
C. Nation Churches and Sects
D. Participation in United States Service
E. Youth Organizations
F. Special Contributions to Early American Development
G. Immigration and Emigration
H. Relations with Homeland

IV. Representative Individuals

This section, if it exists in any given file, is not subdivided

V. Miscellaneous Characteristics

A. Foreign Origins
1. Geographical
2. Social and Occupational
B. Picturesque Miscellanies