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Vermillion County

Where to Start

For the most up to date resources, please use the University's Online Catalog. The dewey call number for Vermilion County typically starts with "977.365". Some common subject headings for Vermilion County are:

Vermilion County (Ill.) --History.
Vermilion County (Ill.) --Biography.
Vermilion County (Ill.) --Genealogy --Sources.

If you have questions about using the online catalog or subject headings, please see Using the Library. We've provided a few areas below to start you off.

County Histories

Beckwith, Hiram Williams, 1833-1903. History of Vermilion County, , together with historic notes on the Northwest, gleaned from early authors, old maps and manuscripts, private and official correspondence, and other authentic, though, for the most part, out-of-the-way sources. Chicago, H.H. Hill & Co., 1879.
Call Number: 977.365 B38H

Coffeen, Henry Asa, 1841-1913. Vermilion County, historical, statistical, and descriptive. Danville, 1871.
Call Number: 977.365 C65

Jones, Lottie E. History of Vermilion County, Illinois : a tale of its evolution, settlement, and progress for nearly a century. Chicago, Pioneer Pub. Co., 1911.
Call Number: 977.365 J72H

The past and present of Vermilion County, Illinois. Chicago, S.J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1903.
Call Number: 977.365 P268

Portrait and biographical album of Vermilion county, Illinois : containing full page portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county / reprinted and indexed by Illiana Gene[a]logical and Historical Society. Owensboro, McDowell Pub., 1981.
Call Number: 977.365 P5921

Stapp, Katherine Elizabeth. History under our feet : the story of Vermilion County, Illinois. Danville, Interstate Printers & Pub., 1968.
Call Number: 977.365 ST2H

Williams, Jack Moore. History of Vermilion County, Illinois. Topeka, Indianapolis, Historical Pub. Co., 1930.
Call Number: 977.365 W67H


Boudinot, E.S. Atlas of Vermilion County Illinois; containing maps of the county, townships, cities, and villages. Danville, 1907.
Call Number: Q. 912.77365 B66A

Brink, W.R. & CO. An illustrated historical atlas map of Vermilion County, Ill. Philadelphia, 1875.
Call Number: F. 912.77365 B77I

Hixson, W.W. & Co., PUB. Atlas of Vermilion County, Illinois. Rockford, 1943.
Call Number: F. 912.77365 H64A

An ILLUSTRATED historical atlas map of Vermilion County, Ill., carefully compiled from personal examinations and surveys; and, Atlas of Vermilion county, Illinois…1907; and, Standard Atlas of Vermilion County, Illinois…1915. Evansville, Ind., Unigraphic Inc., 1977.
Call Number: Q. 912.77365 IL61977

Ogle, George A., & CO., Pub. Standard atlas of Vermilion County, Illinois… Chicago, 1895.
Call Number: F. 912.77365 Og5s1895

Ogle, George A., & CO., Pub. Standard atlas of Vermilion County, Illinois… Chicago, 1915.
Call Number: Q. 912.77365 IL61977

Rockford Map Publishers, Rockford, Ill. Farm plat book and business guide, Vermilion County, Illinois. Rockford, 1953.
Call Number: Q. 912.77365 R59F1953

Rockford Map Publishers, Rockford, Ill. Land atlas and plat book, Vermilion County, Illinois. Rockford, 1979.
Call Number: Q. 912.77365 R59T