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Book & Film Reviews

This guide will help you locate book and film reviews in print and online.

Why Use Print Sources?

Online sources are often easy to access and search. However, sometimes print resources offer better coverage for a specific information need. Here are just a few times when it is a good idea to use print resources. 

  • To find older materials: Coverage for online sources varies widely, but many databases only cover publications from the second half of the 20th century onwards. 
  • To find materials from other countries or about a narrowly defined research area. 
  • To examine how certain kinds of information have changed over time. 

Using Print Sources


Print indexes and bibliographies can be arranged in a variety of ways. Indexes can be arranged chronologically, by subject, or alphabetically by author or title. This guide includes information about the arrangement of select resources in order to help with your search. The first few pages of any given resource will often include a few notes about the arrangement of entries and many entries can be cross-referenced using detailed indexes that allow you to search by author or title within the larger work.

Finding Full-text 

These resources will provide you with detailed, accurate citations for published reviews that you can use to locate the full-text of the article. For instructions on how to to this, consult our guide on how to Find a Specific Article.


Film Review Sources in Print

Below is a list of print resources that include information about film reviews and other writing about film. While the majority just provide detailed citations, several resources include the full-text of the reviews. This list includes general publications that are good starting points for research. Contact the Literatures and Languages Library for more assistance.