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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Video Games and Board Games @ UIUC Library: Video Games

Introduction to the video game and board game collections at the University of Illinois Library, including information about location, circulation, and organizations at UIUC related to games.

Where Else Can I Find Games?

Suggest a Purchase

Is there a video or board game that we don't currently have in the collection? You can suggest a purchase to the library or contact Mara Thacker, Global Pop Culture Librarian, at

Find Video Games on the Library Catalog

Video games can be found in the library catalog using the call number search option under advanced search. The call number for all video games begins with "GAME."

Where are the Video Games Located?

Video games are located in the Main Stacks, near the entrance on the 2nd floor of the Main Library building. After entering the Stacks, you can find the games on the right side by the sign for the Media Collection. Video games are shelved in alphabetical order by title.

paper sign for Media Collections on a book shelf


Circulation Policies

Video games follow the same circulation policies as most books. Undergraduate students and staff can check out video games for 4 weeks at a time, while graduate students and faculty can check video games out for 16 weeks at a time. You can check out as many games as you like as long as you don't go over your item limit for the University Library. For more information on circulation policies, visit the link below.

Guide to Call Numbers

At the University Library, the call number for all video games begins with the word "GAME" followed by a series of letters and numbers and ending with the year the game was published. The section of characters before the year identifies the platform the game can be played on - either a gaming console or PC. 

For example, the call number for Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles is GAME GV1469.35.T344 P533 2013. The series of characters before '2013' is 'P533', which represents the console the game can be played on (in this case, the PlayStation 3). You can use this guide for the call numbers associated with each gaming platform. to search for video games by console in the library catalog.

  • P534: PlayStation 4

  • P533: PlayStation 3

  • P532: PlayStation 2

  • P53: PlayStation One

  • P52: PlayStation Portable

  • P99: PlayStation Vita

  • W55: Wii 

  • W558: Wii U

  • N56: DS

  • N563: 3DS

  • N568: Gamecube

  • N65: Switch

  • X3: Xbox

  • X36: Xbox 360

  • X361: Xbox One

  • P48: PC