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Photostatic Facsimiles of Medieval Manuscripts: Mappae Clavicula Manuscript Photostats

A guide to the Avianus, Jerome, and Mappae Clavicula manuscript facsimiles in the Literature and Library collection.

Mappae Clavicula Manuscript Photostats

Collection of photographic facsimiles of Maopae Clavicula Manuscripts- List by R.P. Johnson. Organized by country and city.

Highlighted if digitized.

Mappae Clavicula Bibliographical Cards

1: Alsace. Bibliotèque Humaniste/Municipale de Seléstat, ms. 360 olim 1153 bis., fol. iv-34r, 36v-52r. 9th/10th century.

2: Paris. Bibliotèque Nationale, ms. Lat. 7158, fol. 9r-12v. 11th century.

3: London. British Museum/Library, ms. Cotton Nero A.VII, fol. 40v-41r. 12th century.

4: London. British Museum/Library, ms. Egerton 840 A, fol. 5v-6r. 13th century. British Library online catalog record.

5: Glasgow. Glasgow University Hunterian Library, ms. 110, fol. 9v-23v, in another foliation 9v-13v, 13 bis r-v, 14r-v, 14 bis r-v, 15r-21v. 14th century. University of Glasgow online catalog record.

6: Paris. Bibliotèque Nationale, ms. Lat. 7156, fol. 135r-136v. 11th century.

7: Ivrea. Biblioteca Capitolarea, ms. 87, fol. 15r-15v. 11th century.

8: London. British Museum/Library, ms. Royal 7 D II, fol. 20v-22v. Late 12th/early 13th century.

9: Oxford. Bodeleian Library, ms. Digby 162, fol. 5v-6r, 11v-12v. 13th century. Medieval Manuscripts in Oxford Libraries online catalog recordUIUC Library online catalog record.

10: London. British Museum/Library, ms. Royal 12 B XXV, fol. 252r-v. 15th century. British Library online catalog record.