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Photostatic Facsimiles of Medieval Manuscripts: Jerome Manuscripts: Greek

A guide to the Avianus, Jerome, and Mappae Clavicula manuscript facsimiles in the Literature and Library collection.

Oldfather's Jerome Manuscript Photostats: Greek

Collection of photographic facsimiles of Greek Jerome Manuscripts- List by W.A. Oldfather. Organized by country and city: the numeration is not consistent, as this is intended to be a recreation of his list, which was not numbered progressively.

Please note that some entries in this list may have slightly different shelfmarks then they do presently, owing to being based on a list made in 1943. Whenever possible, shelfmarks have been changed from Oldfather's cataloging to reflect the current location of the manuscripts.

Highlighted if digitized.

Hilarion Group

1: Athos. Monasteries, ms. 4116, [4]p. 2 conjoint leaves. VII/VIII. Fragment begins in chapter 22 ends in chapter 23.

2: Cambridge. Cambridge University Trinity College Library, ms. B.9.2. 133b-157a. XII.

7: Madrid. Real Biblioteca del Monasterio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial, ms. y.ii.3 (m. 308). 155b-181a. XII.

8: Madrid. Real Biblioteca del Monasterio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial, ms. y.II.4 (m.319). 209a-220b, 224a-239a [239b]. In another foliation: 212a-239a [239b]. XII.

9K: Jerusalem. Patriacheion Bibliothḗkē, ms. Sabbaiticus 27, 237a-283b. XI. Reproduction shows the edition of A. Papadopoulos Kerameuis, pub. in his "Analekta hierosolymitikēs stachiologias," v. 5, 1898, p. [82]-136.

13: Milan. Biblioteca Ambrosiana, ms. Gr. 839 (b12 inf), 63a-66b. XII-XIII.

14K: Moscow. Sinodal'naia (Byvshaia Patriarshaia) Biblioteka, ms. Vladimir 387, 74a-122a. XI. With this is bound p. 582 of Vladimir's catalog containing descriptions of this ms.

21: Paris. Bibliotheque Nationale, ms. Gr. 1189, 105b-114b [115a]. XIII-XIV.

22: Paris. Bibliotheque Nationale, ms. Gr. 1295, 178a-233a [234a]. XV-XVI.

23: Paris. Bibliotheque Nationale, ms. Gr. 1480, 144b-171a [172a]. XI.

24: Paris. Bibliotheque Nationale, ms. Gr. 1484, 146b-168b [169a]. XII-XIII.

25: Paris. Bibliotheque Nationale, ms. Gr. 1486, [60b] 61a-78a. XI.

26: Paris. Bibliotheque Nationale, ms. Gr. 1494, 87b-103a. XII.

27: Paris. Bibliotheque Nationale, ms. Gr. 1495, 153b-178b [179a]. XI.

28: Paris. Bibliotheque Nationale, ms. Gr. 1501 A, 132b-133a. XII. Contains beginning only of text. 2 copies.

29: Paris. Bibliotheque Nationale, ms. Gr. 1503, [117b] 118a-139b. XI.

30: Paris. Bibliotheque Nationale, ms. Gr. 1512, [149b] 150a-175b [176a]. XII.

30k: Paris. Bibliotheque Nationale, ms. Gr. 1514, 161a-162a, 200a, 202b, 203a-211b [212a]. XII saec. Metaphrastric version lacking beginning and end; reproduction incomplete, lacks fol. 162b.

31: Paris. Bibliotheque Nationale, ms. Gr. 1524, [156b] 157a-180a. XII.

32: Paris. Bibliotheque Nationale, ms. Gr. 1540, [87b] 88a-125b [126a-b] 127a-129b. XI. 2 copies; copy 1 has 2 copies of f. 127a. cop. 2 has only f. 87b-127a.

33: Paris. Bibliotheque Nationale, ms. Gr. 1543, [148b] 149a-172. XIII.

34: Paris. Bibliotheque Nationale, ms. Gr. 1546, [139b] 140a-161b [162a]. XII.

35: Paris. Bibliotheque Nationale, ms. Gr. 1555, [164b] 165a-175a. XIV.

36: Paris. Bibliotheque Nationale, ms. Gr. 1558, [329b] 330a-351a. XVI.

37: Paris. Bibliotheque Nationale, ms. Coislin 110, [93b] 94a-104b [105a]. XI.

38: Paris. Bibliotheque Nationale, ms. Coislin 145, [157b] 158b-182b [183a]. XI.

39: Samos. Timios Stavros Monastery, Unknown ms. number, 69a-90b. XV.

40: Vatican. Biblioteca Vaticana, ms. Vat. Gr. 798, 175a-201b. XIV.

41: Vatican. Biblioteca Vaticana, ms. Vat. Gr. 799, 149a-172a. XII.

42: Vatican. Biblioteca Vaticana, ms. Vat. Gr. 801, 119b-136b [137a]. XI.

43: Vatican. Biblioteca Vaticana, ms. Vat. Gr. 802,109a-129b. XI.

44: Vatican. Biblioteca Vaticana, ms. Vat. Gr. 1190, 1367b-1387a. XVI.

45: Vatican. Biblioteca Vaticana, ms. Vat. Gr. 1589, 51b-69g. XI.

46: Vatican. Biblioteca Vaticana, ms. Vat. Gr. 1679, 194a-223b. XII-XIII.

47: Vatican. Biblioteca Vaticana, ms. Vat. Gr. 2042, 107a-124a. XII.

48: Vatican. Biblioteca Vaticana, ms. Vat. Gr. 2047, 243b-257b. XI.

49: Vatican. Biblioteca Vaticana, ms. Ottob. Gr. 399, 158b-184b. XI.

50: Vatican. Biblioteca Vaticana, ms. Reg. Gr. 56, 124a-147b. XI. 

51: Venica. Biblioteca Zazionale Marciana. ms. Gr. 348 (712), 179b-206b [207a]. XII.

Malchus Group

2K: Jerusalem. Patriacheion Bibliothḗkē, ms. 66, f. 190v-194r. XV

4: Moscow. Sinodal'naia (Byvshaia Patriarshaia) Biblioteka, ms. Vlad. 296. f. 229r-233v. XVI.

6: Paris. Bibliotheque Nationale, ms. Gr. 1605, [276b] 277a-284a. XII. 2 cop.

12: Vatican. Biblioteca Vaticana, ms. Gr. 825, f. 136b-143b. XIII

13: Vatican. Biblioteca Vaticana, ms. Gr. 1660, f. 246a-256b. Anno 916.


Paul Group

1: Alexandria. Patriacheion Bibliothḗkē. 208/3, f. 104v-118v. XVI.

2: Athos. Caracalla Bibliothḗkē. 80 (Lambros 1593), pt. 3 (p. 795-813). XVII.

3: Athos. Philotheos Bibliothḗkē. 88 (Lambros 1852), pt. 7 (32 unnumbered p.). XIV.

5: Athos. Docheiarion Bibliothḗkē. 95 (Lambros 2769), pt. 5 (26 unnumbered p.). XV.

6: Athos. Dionysius Bibliothḗkē. 126 (Lambros 3660), pt. 8 (ff. 191b-204b). XVI.

7: Athos. Iviron Bibliothḗkē. 383 (Lambros 4503), pt. 31 (14 unnumbered p.). XVII. 2 cop.

8: Athos. Iviron Bibliothḗkē. 588 (Lambros *4708), pt. 10 (31 unnumbered p.). XVI.

9: Athos. Iviron Bibliothḗkē. 736 (Lambros 4856), pt. 8 (19 unnumbered p.). XVII.

10: Athos. Iviron Bibliothḗkē. Athon. Iviro. 749 (Lambros 4869), pt. 11 (13 unnumbered p.). XVII. 2 cop.

11: Athos. St. Panteleimon Bibliothḗkē. Athon. Pante. 497 (Lambros *6004), pt. 3 (f. 16a-23b, 28a-33a). XIX.

12: Baltimore. Walters Art Gallery. 521 (Census 16, olim Cahirensis, Bibliothḗkē Patriacheion Alexandrini 33), f. 28a-35b. s. XI, f.34: s. XVI. Part of Menologion for January.

13: Berlin. Preussische Staatsbibliothek. Gr. 1622 (Meerm 372). Lower part of f. 132b and upper part of f. 133a. XIII. From the Synaxarium of Sirmond.

16. Madrid. Real Biblioteca del Monasterio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial. y.II.4 (M.309), f. 19b-30b. XII.

17: Madrid. Real Biblioteca del Monasterio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial. y.II.10 (M.315), f. 97a-107a [107b]. XIII.

19: Florence. Reale Biblioteca Mediceo Laurenziana. Plut. IX.17, f. 59b-66a. XIV. 

19a: Florence. Reale Biblioteca Mediceo Laurenziana. (Catalogus codd. mss. var. cont. opera gr. patr. Ang. Mar. Baudinius ducensuit. Florentiae, 1764-70.) v.1, p. 416-417. Contains descriptions of ms. Plut.IX.17. Reproduced from copy in Harvard U. Library.

20: Jerusalem. Patriacheion Bibliothḗkē. 9, 17b-29a. XI.

21: Jerusalem. Patriacheion Bibliothḗkē. 219, 126b-130b. XII.

22: Jerusalem. Staurou Monastery Bibliothḗkē. 5. ff. 66a-74b. XI.

23: Leiden. Rijksuniversiteit Bibliotheek Leiden. Voss. Gr. 46, 115b-120a. X.

24: London. British Library. Add. Gr. 36635, ff. 184,  Paul of Thebes on f. 114b-125a. XII. The whole ms. = Greek Church Liturgy and ritual - - Menologion [Lives of saints in Greek for 9-17 Jan.] has call ms. [922, G89L, 1100 f].