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GLBL 130: Resistance Movements: Resources by Movement

Resources by Movement

These pages are intended to help find more specific resources as they pertain to certain movements. The resources are not exhaustive and are not a replacement for doing independent research but is designed to assist in getting started. The sections below represent categories that social justice movements tend to fall into, but please keep in mind that many movements can straddle multiple categories. For example, the Black Lives Matter movement can fall into the "Abolition, Policing and Prisoner's Rights" category as well as the "Racial, Ethnic and Religious" category. Consider the intersectionality of movements and explore the resources in multiple related categories to get the best use out of this guide. 

Library Subject Specialist

Librarian Subject

Courtney Becks

African American Studies

Jewish Studies

Cindy Ingold

American Indian Studies

Asian American Studies

Gender & Women’s Studies

Political Science

Nancy O'Brien

Labor & Employment Relations

Celestina Savonius-Wroth



Religious Studies

JJ Pionke

Public Health

Disability Studies

Jess Hagman


Sanga Sung

Government Information Systems




Librarian Area

Atoma Batoma

African Studies 

Paula Carns

European Union Studies

Temporarily covering Latin American Studies

Steve Witt 

Global Studies

Japanese Studies

Yoo-Seong Song

Korean Studies

Laila Hussein Moustafa

Middle East and North African Studies

Slavic Reference Service

Slavic, East European & Eurasian Studies

Mara Thacker

South Asian Studies
Popular Culture