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Arab American Literature: Short Stories

This LibGuide highlights the works of Arab American authors.


This tab focuses on Arab American writers of short stories.




Authors & Works

Susan Muaddi Darraj

Susan Muaddi Darraj is a Palestinian American writer. She has written several articles on Arab and Arab American women and feminism, as well as a collection of short fiction, The Inheritance of Exile, which won several awards.

Short Story Works: 

The Inheritance of Exile: Stories from South Philly

A Curious Land: Stories from Home

Hedy Habra

Hedy Habra (born Sabbagh) is of Lebanese origin. She was born and raised in Heliopolis, Egypt and has lived in both countries. She is a poet, artist and essayist.

Short Story Works:

Flying Carpets

12 Rushdy Street

Samia Serageldin

Samia Serageldin is a novelist, writer and editor. Serageldin received her MS degree in Politics from London University and immigrated to the United States with her family in the early eighties. She calls Chapel Hill, North Carolina, home for the past thirty years.

Short Story Works: 

Love is Like Water and Other Stories

Joseph Geha

Joseph Geha was born in 1944 in Zahle, Lebanon and moved to the United States in 1946 with his family. He is currently a professor-emeritus at Iowa State University. Also, Geha was awarded a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts in 1988 and a Pushcart Prize in Fiction in 1990. His work was chosen for inclusion in the Permanent Collection, Arab-American Archive, of the Smithsonian Institution. 

Short Story Work: 

Through and Through: Toledo Stories

More Short Stories