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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

GLBL 499: Study Abroad Alternative Project

Resources for students researching how COVID-19 impacted study abroad destinations around the world.

Getting Started

Your research will require careful, critical evaluation of a variety of sources. Depending on your project, these might include databases, international news, local language news, government websites, and social media. While the sources in this guide provide a place to start, you will need to shape your strategy around your country and your project's thematic area. The information is out there; your challenge is to find it!

Research Tips

Always access journals and databases through the library website.

If you run into trouble accessing material in the library collection online, try enabling VPN first.

Play around with the keywords you search with, and remember you can browse by subject too.

Search with Boolean operators like AND, OR, and NOT.

Expand or tighten the scope of your search terms as needed.

Remember that COVID-19 has different names in different languages, and the vocabulary has shifted as the pandemic evolves.

Assess sources for authority and bias!

Citing and Formatting

Need some quick help on how to cite sources? Check out our Citing Sources guide.

For formatting and style guides, we highly recommend Purdue OWL.

Need Help?

Each Researching Your Country section in this guide lists that area's librarian. Do not hesitate to contact a librarian if you get stuck and need research help! Assisting students is our job. For simpler and more general questions, we recommend talking to library staff through the Ask A Librarian chat module on the library homepage.