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Palestinian Israeli Conflict Through Cinema (SAME 199, JS199, CWL199): Home

This is a guide to Sayed Kashua's course "Palestinian Israeli Conflict Through Cinema (SAME 199)"


Sayed Kashua (Qashua) Welcome you in "Palestinian Israeli Conflict Through Cinema" (SAME199 /JS199 /CWL199) course. This course explores how the conflict is depicted in Israeli and Palestinian films from the British Mandate to the present. We will look at how social and historical processes shape Palestinian and Israeli cinematic narratives. We will also discuss issues of self-representation, the representation of the Other, the relationship to the land, diaspora, and narratives of nation-building. This course offers a cinematic journey from the revolutionary to the postmodern, from the collective to the individual, from hope to despair.

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The Alhambra Cinema in Jaffa, 1937

Al-Kasaba theatre in Ramallah

The Mograbi Cinema

Cinema City in Rishon Lezion

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