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Podcasting 101

IDEA Lab Workshops

Podcasting with the IDEA Lab

Welcome to our library guide

Do you enjoy listening to podcasts? Have you ever thought of hosting one of your own? Now, with new IDEA Lab loanable technology, university affiliates are able to take home equipment and record a show. The computers in the IDEA Lab also feature audio editing and production software for student use!

If you would like to schedule a consultation or your own small-group workshop, please reach out to!

The image above features popular podcasts of today. You can probably think of a few others, too. What do these all have in common? What turns a regular recording into a podcast?

  • Podcasts are digital audio files
  • They are accessible on the internet
  • Usually produced as a series, with new installments (or episodes) released incrementally
  • People are able to subscribe to the show

This guide introduces the technology we have available at the IDEA Lab and gives some insight to podcast production. Read along to learn more. If you have any questions, please reach out to

The incorporation of our new podcasting technology has been an exciting opportunity for collaboration with another university library. The Toaster Innovation Hub at the University of Minnesota has been a partner in our preparation of this Library Guide and workshop. Special thanks to Charlie Heinz and Tiffany Carlson at UMN!

After leaving the Podcasting 101 workshop, students will be able to:

  • Organize ideas and begin writing an outline or script for a podcast.
  • Access the IDEA Lab Loanable Technology page to check the availability of and place requests for podcasting equipment.
  • Use the new IDEA Lab podcasting kits.
  • Carefully select a space (whether on campus or at home) with best conditions for recording in mind.
  • Make use of the basic functions of the Audacity recording and audio editing software.
  • Determine which platforms they would like to use to publish and promote their podcast.