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Podcasting 101

IDEA Lab Workshops

Our podcasting kits can be checked out for use on the IDEA Lab loanable technology page

Each kit includes one Blue Yeti USB Microphone


Blue Microphones (owned by Logitech) produces the Blue Yeti for the specific purpose of podcasting. This USB mic has a simple set-up, great for introductory users. The operating system is compatible with Windows or macOS/OS X.

The Blue Yeti has a few buttons and knobs, but nothing that will scare you. There are two volume control functions on the front of the mic: a volume knob and a mute button.

Front of blue yeti USB mic showing headphone controls: volume knob and mute button
Close-up on two knobs on back of Blue Yeti microphone. Gain knob and pattern selection knob offering four choices: stereo mode, omnidirectional, cardioid, and bidirectional

On the back side of the microphone is a microphone gain knob and a pattern selection tool.

As we can see, there are four patterns to choose from. These are listed left-to-right as they appear on mic:

  • Stereo mode
  • Omnidirectional mode
  • Cardioid mode (best for podcasting)
  • Bidirectional (best for interviews)

For more information about the specifications of the Blue Yeti, please reach out to

The microphone is attached to a desktop stand, along with a sound shield. These parts of the kit will always remain separate if you're planning to check out a kit from the IDEA Lab.

The pop filter attaches to the stand. The full assembly of the kit is pictured to the right.

A headphone jack is in the base of the microphone, as is the port for the micro-USB to USB-A connection to a laptop. 

Blue Yeti microphone attached to desktop stand with sound shield mounted behind and pop filter mounted in front