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Anthropology 399JD: Sustainability, Humans, and Animals: Home

Library guide for Fall 2017 ANTH 399JD

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Library Session Goals

After this session, students in Anthropology 399JD will...

1. Understand techniques and resources for developing a research question from a general topic.

2. Devise a search strategy using keywords relevant to the refined research question.

3. Identify and compare subject-specific and general sources of scholarly articles and books/book chapters which are appropriate for topics covered in this course.

4. Use their search strategy to find scholarly articles, books, and book chapters that are relevant to the research question.

5. Know how to get more help from the library.

Social Sciences, Health and Education Library: Your "Home Base"

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To book an individual research consultation appointment with Beth Sheehan, the social sciences librarian, use this link to access her Research Consultation Scheduler. If the available times do not work for you,  feel free to email Beth directly using the "Email Me" button in the profile box to the right.

Anthropology Librarian

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Beth Sheehan (SSHEL)
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