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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Information for Visitors

This guide details the library services and resources available to visitors at the University and in the community.

Parking on Campus

Daytime parking on the University of Illinois campus can be difficult. Therefore, it may be more convenient to walk or take public transportation to some destinations. See our map of U of I library locations for library addresses.

The campus parking map shows which spaces are available. Many campus lots are reserved for permit holders only, and your car may be towed if you park in prohibited spaces. Metered parking is also available on several streets near the libraries, though these are often in use.

For additional information on parking at Illinois, contact the Parking Department.

Please note: The metered parking lot to the west of the Main Library Building has five designated accessible parking spaces.

Public Transportation

Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (CUMTD) is a public transportation system that serves many campus locations. The regular cash fare is $1 per trip, with daily and yearly passes available. Visit the Maps and Schedules page of the CUMTD website to explore the bus routes, or go to the App Garage page and download one of the listed apps on your mobile device.

Additional Modes of Transportation

If you are visiting from outside Champaign - Urbana, there are multiple forms of transportation to get to the area.

- Peoria Charter: A local bus company that specifically operates within the state of Illinois, largely to get between Champaign area to Chicagoland.

- Amtrak: A bus and train company that has a stop in Champaign - Urbana.

- Greyhound: Another popular bus company that has a stop in Champaign - Urbana. 

- Willard Airport: This is a small, regional airport located in Savoy. From there, the University is only minutes away.

- Illinois Terminal: This is a bus terminal located near Champaign downtown. It is a central location to get dropped off at, with many MTD buses available to take one to their next destination, including the University Library.