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Using KinoDen

A guide for using KinoDen, the Kinokuniya digital library.

What is KinoDen

KinoDen is a Japanese academic ebook service for libraries from Kinokuniya.

Through the University of Illinois you can read many academic ebooks in Japanese.  You may "check-out" books that the University has already purchased and preview books that we don't own. 

Use 検索 to search for books. Some of the titles in KinoDen have been purchases by UIUC. Click "未所蔵を含める to ONLY see book purchases by UIUC. Unclick "未所蔵を含める" to include unpurchased titles. 

If you see the 未所蔵 label then the University of Illinois does NOT have access to the full text (however if you email the International and Area Studies Library we can see about providing access). 

To read click 閲覧開始. If we do NOT have the book purchases clicking 閲覧開始 will take you to a preview of the book.  

Note! Titles are limited to either 1 or 3 users based on the purchase agreement for each

How can I use it?

Use this Link to search for ebooks. KinoDen ebooks are readable on your desktop browser 

You can search for ebook through the above link OR you can find books from the University of Illinois library catalog. The catalog record links straight the record on KinoDen. 

For example if I was looking for 大阪パック, I can connect to Kinoden from the catalog record 

Watch this video to learn how to use KinoDen! 


Vocabulary for ease of use

On the Main page

検索(けんさく):kensaku; search

蔵書検索:collection search

通常検索:advanced search (you can use this button to narrow your search)

In the 通常検索 section:


著者(ちょしゃ): author


書籍全文(しょせきぜんぶん): Full text search

シリーズ: series

目次(もくじ): Table of contents

内容紹介文(ないようしょうかいぶん): Contents of the Introduction

Within Search Results

ページの検索結果: Search results from within book

閲覧開始: Start reading


Online Dictionaries

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Now you can request individualized research consultation with a librarian via online form. To make an appointment, please click on the link below and fill out the form:

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Accessing from Off Campus