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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

U.S. Cultural History since 1968

This course examines the history of the United States in the decades following the social upheavals of the late 1960s, through the lens of popular culture.

On This Page

This page lists the most important information in the guide. If you look at no other page on this guide, please at least review this one. The most basic library tasks that all History 200 students should master are:

  • Finding a librarian
  • Finding books.
  • Finding journal articles.

Find a Librarian to Help You

Celestina Savonius-Wroth is the History Librarian.

Mara Thacker is the Popular Culture Librarian.

Contact these librarians to schedule a consultation, or to ask questions about your library research. For more librarians, see the Research Help from an Expert page on this guide.

Find Books

To find books, begin with the Library Catalog:

For more information on finding books, see the Books page on this guide.

Find Journal Articles

To find journal articles, begin with America: History and Life:

For more information on finding journal articles and articles from other kinds of periodicals, see the Periodicals page on this guide.

Find More Guides

Because this course is so interdisciplinary, you will likely want to consult multiple library guides, depending on your area of focus. The focus of this guide here is history, but below are some additional library guides that you might find useful: