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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Social Work 451: HBSE I: Human Development: Prenatal/Infancy

Guide to library resources for Summer course

Suggestions from Syllabus

  • Prenatal Exposure (alcohol, cigarettes, etc.)
  • Adoption studies of infants raised in orphanages
  • Maternal health
  • Effects of trauma
  • Nurse home visiting interventions
  • Autism

Suggested Search Terms

Want to search for medical research on infant health?  If you're wanting to research topics such as prenatal exposure to alcohol or maternal health, Pubmed is a great resource to use (linked to the right).  

A helpful hint for searching Pubmed:  use MeSH terms to search 'controlled vocabulary'.  MeSH means Medical Subject Headings, and helps tag relevant articles together based on their subjects.  For example, adding a term like ""Infant"[Mesh]" or ""Pregnancy"[Mesh]" can help your search strategy be more effective.  From the link, click "add to search builder" on the right and add additional search terms like "alcohol" or "autism" with AND to narrow your results.


Suggested Databases