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Plants Toxic to Animals


This guide aims to recreate the information found in the now defunct Plants Toxic to Animals database, originally created by Mitsuko Williams in the late 1990s. The plant species covered in this LibGuide are commonly found in the midwestern states, though common house plants are also included when applicable. The plants are listed both by their common name and by their scientific name. 

Note: There is a difference between "toxic" and "poisonous." Poisons are typically ingested, whereas venoms are injected, such as a snake's venom being injected with their teeth. 

This guide would not be possible without Mitsuko Williams' Plants Toxic to Animals database.


Structure of Guide

Plants will be listed alphabetically in the Plant Names: Common and Plant Names: Scientific tabs. Each entry will include a picture of the plant and a description with the following information:

  • Description: A general description of the plant
  • Distribution: Geographical location and type of geography where the plant is found
  • Conditions of Poisoning: How animals are poisoned and during what time of year
  • Control: How to control the plant to prevent poisoning
  • Toxic Principle: What part of the plant is poisonous
  • Clinical Signs: Symptoms/signs that the animal may have been poisoned
  • Animals Affected: A list of the animals/type of animal the plant could poison
  • References Used: Citations and/or links to any information sources that were utilized for the guide entry