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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Plants Toxic to Animals

How to Use This Guide

This section of the guide displays plants in alphabetical order by their scientific names. The common name is also listed in parentheses next to the scientific name for the plant for clarity and ease of use, but plays no role in the organization of the plants. You can use the navigation box on the left side of the page to view a particular alphabetic range of plant names, and those pages are then divided further into groups by the first letter of the scientific name.

Structure of Guide Entries

Each entry will include a picture of the plant and a description with the following information, as available and applicable:

  • Description: A general description of the plant
  • Distribution: Geographical location and type of geography where the plant is found
  • Conditions of Poisoning: How animals are poisoned and during what time of year
  • Control: How to control the plant to prevent poisoning
  • Toxic Principle: What part of the plant is poisonous
  • Clinical Signs: Symptoms/signs that the animal may have been poisoned
  • Animals Affected: A list of the animals/type of animal the plant could poison
  • References Used: Citations and/or links to any information sources that were utilized for the guide entry