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Fire Safety Education in Libraries

This guide is designed to help libraries and fire departments come together to create fire safety outreach programming in the local library.

For Libraries

If you're a librarian looking to do safety programs, especially fire safety programs, a good starting point is your local fire department. Firefighters are knowledgeable and most departments want to do outreach as much as you want to host them. An ongoing partnership can also host multiple kinds of fire safety events, from the youngest of children all the way up to seniors. Such a partnership can increase the overall safety of your community.

See our page Example Programs for some ideas to get you started!

P.S. Is your library fire safe? Check out some resources below to keep your staff and your materials safe. Your local fire department can also help you discover unexpected fire hazards in your building.

For Fire Departments

If your fire department is looking for good partners for outreach, your local public library is a good starting point! Libraries reach community members of all ages, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds. Librarians are also pros at programming, so they're excellent partners for outreach. By partnering with your local library you can reach a broad cross-section of your community in one place.

Photo courtesy of the USFA.

About the IFSI Library

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