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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Fire Safety Education in Libraries

This guide is designed to help libraries and fire departments come together to create fire safety outreach programming in the local library.

US Fire Administration Resources

The US Fire Administration has a library of fire prevention and public safety materials, lesson plans, and ready to use programs. They're a great resource for putting together your own program, or just using their program straight from the site.

Pictograph courtesy of USFA.

National Fire Protection Association Resources

The National Fire Prevention Association creates fire codes and is an authority on fire safety. They have a variety of resources available for public outreach and education about fire safety. NFPA also sponsors National Fire Prevention Week in October every year, and has a specific tool for schools called Sparky the Fire Dog. Many of their materials are also available in languages other than English to better serve your community.

Other Resources