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Illinois Leadership Competencies: Organization Level: Diversity Advocacy

Significant accomplishments achieved within organizations are the result of teams interacting together. Leaders must navigate systems and influence people when they do not have interpersonal relationships with all others. This LibGuide provides resources

What is Diversity Advocacy?

A great leader promotes a culture of diversity to make organizations stronger. Leaders who also practice diversity advocacy engages underrepresented populations within the organization in discussion focused on improvement and advocate for processes that are inclusive of diverse cultures. In addition, diversity advocates create events and celebrations that teach the value of diversity of cultures.

 The resources in this section will give you insight on many diversity issues we face today, and skills you can learn in order to become a diversity advocate in your organizations.

Books on Diversity Advocacy

Emojis and Diversity

This funny short clip about the addition of the new emojis demonstrates that while we are making strides to become more inclusive, diversity is an ongoing process. 

Articles on Diversity Advocacy

These articles offer insight on different types of diversity found in an organization, including diversity of employees, customers, and even ideas. They also describe the characteristics of inclusive leaders, many of which focus on cultural competency, accountability, awareness of biases, and the commitment to being a diversity advocate in their organizations.

Diversity Advocacy