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Illinois Leadership Competencies: Organization Level: Change Management

Significant accomplishments achieved within organizations are the result of teams interacting together. Leaders must navigate systems and influence people when they do not have interpersonal relationships with all others. This LibGuide provides resources

Leading Change

A great leader creates successful change in organizations with a planned and disciplined process and engages others in developing a strategic future. He or she keeps members informed of changes by utilizing organizational meeting time to provide updates and status reports of ongoing projects. In addition, a leader does not leave its members in the dark during transitional periods, and instead works to develop an organizational strategic plan with other members.

 Change is not easy. Leaders must make every effort to make their organization members aware of and actively participating in change if they want that change to be a success. The resources in this section will give you insight on why it is so difficult to change our ways, as well as tips and tricks on how to successfully implement change in your organization. 

Change isn't easy...

Change management comic - Toxic organizational culture

Articles on Change Management

From a what-not-to-do guide to fun activities that open your employees up to change, these articles will give you insight on how to make successful changes in your organization, one step at a time. 

What is Change Management?

This short video clip explains why change is difficult, but also gives tips on how you can successfully implement and manage change in your organizaiton. 

Books on Change Management

From seminal texts to critically acclaimed books, this selection of books can be found at the Illinois Leadership Center Library. Stop by the library for even more great books on change management!

Change Management